About Shannon

Thank you for being so sensitive to our son’s self image worries about being ‘different’ because of his learning issues. Your support and instruction helped him develop coping skills that allowed him to grow and mature. William

Even after a rewarding decade working as a speech and language therapist in schools and private practice, I wanted to connect more deeply with my students, their families, and communities. I saw a rich world of learning within families and kids’ everyday lives and I craved the freedom to go there.

Today I get to live in that world, both as a parent and as the founder of Chatterbox Learning.

In this world, I am lucky to be inspired by many people and things every day. But the thing that stands out, time and again, is the rich potential for change within families.

Having a particular gift or challenge with reading, learning, or language — or being “different” in any way—can be stressful for kids. Parents and siblings are affected, too. Bringing awareness to the issue within the family in a way that highlights each individual’s strengths gives the child a new foundation of confidence from which to grow.

My vision and my hope is to give families the tools, support, and confidence to do just that. To learn, grow, and thrive—together.

Happy Learning!


  • BA, Speech and Hearing Science – Washington State University
  • MS, Communicative Disorders with an emphasis in pediatric neurology – San Francisco State University
  • Certificate of Clinical Competence – American Speech and Hearing Association
  • Member, International Dyslexia Association
  • Training:
    Wired for Reading and Orton-Gillingham
    PROMPT Level I
    Project Read Written Language
    Peak Potential Train-the-Trainer, Levels I and II
Our kids have been so lucky to be under your guidance and care. You helped them discover new parts of their capacity and allowed them to become even better selves.Julie


As an elementary school teacher, I was perpetually amazed (and charmed) by the creativity, curiosity, and unique learning habits of each of my students. While I loved the energy of classroom teaching, I relished one-on-one and small group times for the opportunity to really connect with the kids, to figure out how they were thinking and how I could work with them more purposefully.

I particularly loved the challenge of helping students make the transition from learning to read to reading to learn. I eagerly sought out books, professional development opportunities, and new tools that would help me help them learn, read, and grow their minds with confidence and joy.

As luck would have it, that path led me to Chatterbox Learning.

As part of the Chatterbox Learning team, my hope is to offer the children I work with countless opportunities to celebrate their unique strengths as they explore who they are and how they learn.

Happy Learning!


  • BA, Neuroscience and Educational Studies – Bates College
  • M.Ed Curriculum and Instruction – University of Washington
  • Member, International Dyslexia Association
  • Training:
    • Wired for Reading
    • Handwriting Without Tears