Shannon with kids

A Different Approach

Traditional speech and language therapy is therapist-directed with parents acting as observers rather than participants. Therapy sessions take place in an office or clinic and progress is measured statistically.

At Chatterbox Learning, we take a different approach.

We work with children in their natural environments—the places and situations in which they live and play. Because family participation is key to our success, we give parents the tools and support to actively engage in their child’s learning with confidence and ease.

Benefits of Natural Environment Learning

The most obvious benefit is that children learn the most in their everyday environments. But that’s not all.

Natural environment learning offers:

  • Increased skill retention. Kids apply what they learn in sessions to home and school activities with greater ease and fluency.
  • A flexible structure that meets her/his needs. We help adapt the home or school environment to match your child’s needs.
  • Confidence in familiar learning tools. As appropriate, we integrate your child’s favorite games, toys, and books into sessions and teach you easy ways to support learning goals with the tools readily available in your life.
  • Opportunities for multi-sensory learning. Activities such as playing catch while practicing spelling involve the mind and body in learning, which makes lessons more fun and effective.
  • A broader circle of consistent support. Teachers, family members, and caregivers are welcome to participate, which helps your child maintain, and even expand, progress in between sessions.